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Chocolate molten Cake $8.00 each
Our moist dark chocolate enrobed with dark chocolate and filled with a dark chocolate truffle

Creme Brulee $8.00 each
Madagascar vanilla, cane sugar and a hint of bourbon flavor, our creamy custard finished with a brulee of sugar.

Chocolate Lovin Spoon $8.00 each
Golden toffee crunches float among clouds of creamy chocolate mousse which with coffee liquer

Bannana Bourbon $8.00 each
Banana, toffee, bourbon, layers of deeply decadent sophistication vanilla crème Brule and banana cake, drenched in buttery bourbon with real banana crunch and butterscotch icing

Strawberry Float $8.00 each
White and vibrant red lairs, accented with strawberry notes and speckled with freeze-dried strawberries and soaked with a strawberry glaze

Salted Caramel Crunch Cake $8.00 each
Buttery, vanilla flecked pudding cake with rich waves of caramel. Layered with caramel crunch, creamy custard and more caramel


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